We held our young cricketers’ presentation day last month, it was really well attended with over 500 players and parents, it was hosted by Chelines and Ash, our junior coordinators and our Head Coach Ian. We were very fortunate to have Surrey player Nathan Barnwell hand out the trophies to our young players.

We presented awards to all age groups from age 6 to 15, best batter, best bowler, most improved and Purley Player. List of winners

U7 Daniyal Khan, Kiyan Michael-Patel, Ariyan Abbot and Jacob Lester

U8, Tigers, Zakariya Qamar, Laksh Pamnani, Zakariya Qama and Vivek Phanse

U8, Panthars, Jacob Sylvester, Ishaan Aggarwal, Akarsh Turlapati and Jasper Eilerd

U8, Krish Sharma Kakkar, Jasper Munir, Frankie Doyle and , Krish Sharma Kakkar

Purley U8 Tigers, Panthers and Inter-Club teams had a great season, with the Tigers just being pipped for the league. The boys developed well through the summer, scoring lots of runs and taking good wickets but most pleasing was the improvement in fielding. We now embark on winter nets and being introduced to hardball cricket in preparation for 2024!

U9, Typhoons, Jey-Shivan Jeyanathan, Edward Hamlyn, Samuel Fennemore and Bram Holmes-Green

U9. Spitfires, Palani Jeyanathan, Zainab Khan, Aadam Uddin and Evan Thomas

U9, Hurricanes, Rocco Goward, Ravi Omar, Reeyan Patel and Arthur Murray

U10, T1 Ibrahim Chaudhry, Arnav Jayaprakash, Thomas Hansford and Tom Froome

U10, T2 Thomas Price-Harries, Jasper White, Rayan Sayd and Sena Chachah

U11, Spitfires, Micah Spero, Amraj Benning, Joseph Donald and Harry Hansford

U11, Hurricanes, Raphael Devlin, Diaab Issadeen, Aryan Vasdev, Ayaan Mir and Cillian Walsh

U12 T1, Teddy Hamilton, Vedanth G Manohar, Adam Choudhry and Chris Henriques-Michie

U12 T2, Alex Zoethout, Aaron Hall, Joshua Buchanan and Alexander Lester

U12 T3, Zain Fayyaz, Jeremy Holmes-Green, Zachary Sims, Adheen Shabeer and Nathan Holmes-Green

U13 T2, Hamza Choudhry, Luca Hamlyn, Sean Grant and James Williams

U13 T2, Thomas Corney, Deep Sudra, Zachary Kurz and Laksh Dutt

U13 T3, Ibrahim Moavia, Matteo Holmes, Adyant Darbari and Nigel Rodrigues

U14, Gautam Palakollu, Rahul Sohoni, Ibrahim Ayyubi and Tom Englefield

U15 T1, George Bremer, Shiv Tailor, Ibrahim Khan and Riven Vidyadharan

U15 T2, Batter – Riven Vidyadharan, top run scorer in the Tier, Bowler – Nilaan Mohan, great bowling at the end of the innings, Most improved – Daniel Chinn, quick bowling, kept wicket when needed and held some important catches, Purley player – Freddie Phelan, took some key wickets with spin and showed great commitment to the team in his first season

We also had a best young new comer award that went to Evan Thomas and Jonathan Smyth winning young coach of the year.


U9 Hannah Zainudeen, Rakhee Tailor, Sara Grant and Efa Chachah

U12, Ella Abbot, Sophie Froome, Shanaya Aralikatti and Emisha Chandrasekera

U15, Ramiya Rajkumar, Jessica Cooper, Arabella Harper and Aashvi Sawant

Report from our U11 manager

A Triumph of Talent: Purley Cricket Club Under 11’s Season 2023 Awards

Purley Cricket Club Under 11’s Hurricanes concluded their exhilarating 2023 season with a glittering awards ceremony, honouring the outstanding performances and unwavering dedication of its young cricketing stars. The coveted awards were presented to the players who displayed exceptional skills, determination, and sportsmanship throughout the season.

*Player of the Year: Rafael Shines Bright*

Rafael emerged as the beacon of excellence, clinching the prestigious ‘Player of the Year’ award. His remarkable cricketing prowess, coupled with a commendable spirit, made him the heartbeat of the Hurricanes.

*Batsman of the Year: Diaab’s Spectacular Strokes*

Diaab showcased his batting brilliance, earning him the title of ‘Batsman of the Year.’ His consistent and powerful strokes were a delight to watch, contributing significantly to the team’s success.

*Bowler of the Year: Aryan Vasdev’s Precision*

Aryan Vasdev’s precision on the pitch made him the standout performer, securing the ‘Bowler of the Year’ award. His ability to outmaneuver opponents with skilful bowling was a key factor in the Hurricanes’ victories.

*Most Improved Player: Cillian Walsh’s Inspiring Journey*

Cillian Walsh’s dedication and hard work did not go unnoticed, as he was recognized with the ‘Most Improved Player’ award. His transformation over the season showcased his commitment to personal growth and team success.

*Special Medals for Outstanding Performance*

Jacob was honoured with a special medal for his exceptional efforts. His unwavering commitment and fantastic contributions on the field were truly praiseworthy, serving as an inspiration to his teammates.

*Wicket Keeper Extraordinaire: Hartley’s Safe Hands*

Hartley’s agile and safe hands behind the stumps earned him the title of ‘Wicket Keeper of the Year.’ His ability to make crucial saves and dismissals showcased his exceptional wicket-keeping skills.

The awards ceremony celebrated not only the individual achievements but also the collective spirit and teamwork that defined the Hurricanes’ season. Each player’s dedication and enthusiasm contributed to the team’s success, creating unforgettable memories on the cricket field.

As the curtains fall on the 2023 season, the Purley Cricket Club Under 11s Hurricanes look forward to the future with renewed zeal, inspired by the achievements of their talented teammates. The club remains a nurturing ground for young talents, where passion for cricket meets the joy of camaraderie, setting the stage for even greater victories in the seasons to come.

A big thank you also goes out to John Walsh our sponsor (Rossmore Lubricants- Official Gulf Oil Importer and Distributor for the UK market) for supplying our young cricketers with shirts.

We would also like to thank our managers and all our volunteers, the cricket club would not run without all the time they all put into running our teams. It has been a very successful season, and our junior section continues to grow. We are really pleased with the progress all our juniors have made this season.

Our Winter training has now started at John Fisher school and is now full , coaching just over 100 on a Monday and Tuesday evenings, another 10 weeks will be available after the new year .